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THE COVENANT Summarized By Two Numbers

To help you understand the covenant, and make the challenge interesting, I am including a chapter from Level 4 in my book The Egyptian, the Slave, and the Sanctuary. It is written as an odyssey, an on-foot approach to God’s great system of truth.  Amun is the Egyptian and his mentor, a Hebrew shepherd, is Udi (or Ehud). Udi is the pet name Amun gave him when they used to play together 23 years before the exodus. How they got together and why he was out there in the wilderness you can find out by asking for the story. The book uses lots of footnotes, as you will notice in this article. This is so the reader can read the book as a story, but go back later and read it as a study (following up on the footnotes supporting the facts in the story). The first two levels are available upon request. Chapter 17 We have approached the sanctuary from the outside, several miles away, as a person would for the first time. And now are just feet from its very center, where God, at times, meets with His people. His room, The Most Holy Place, is especially designed, not for His sake but ours, where He makes known what is expected of us and what we can expect from Him. To stand in the presence of a...

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If this is your first encounter with the sanctuary aspect on this website, I highly suggest you first read What’s Not Important (click on the highlighted part. Hopefully, then, the rest of the article will make more sense. What’s Not Important deals with the details recorded in the Bible, and their purpose. Last day Christians have done themselves a great disservice when studying the sanctuary. No, I am not suggesting studying the sanctuary was the disservice, but rather the way they studied it. Usually when considering the sanctuary the tabernacle coverings would be removed to see inside. And, for the most part, such an approach would work just fine, for the three major aspects of the Christian life (justification, sanctification, and glorification) are there portrayed. But what is missed by removing the covering is that which identifies God’s last-day church (its birth year, the events surrounding it, and its commission). When God communicates, His infinite mind has no need for “fluff.” When He designed this system He had the whole scope of the sanctuary in view, making every part significant, the details as well as the lack of them, the repetitions, the placements… everything. And we are to take it all seriously, if we really want to know God’s mind.[1] We will turn to a single chapter in the Bible, Exodus 26. I hope you read this with your...

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The Red Line In the Tabernacle

THE BLOOD-RED LINE In the first fourteen verses of Exodus 26 Moses identifies a blood-red line in the Tabernacle… over 45 feet long. Did you miss it? Within those fourteen verses we learn something else about that line: It involves Christ’s human and divine natures—how they blend, but remain separate It is the final part of a countdown… yet connects with the future It is involved with Redemption and obedience It is red because of something unexpected In this part we will look at the verses closely, for they not only determine where the line is but also give the details needed to put a date on the line. VERSE 1:  Moreover thou shalt make the [a] tabernacle with [b] ten [c] curtains of [d] fine twined linen, and [e] blue, and purple, and scarlet: with [f] cherubims of [g] cunning work shalt thou make them. [a]  This is talking about the tabernacle (in contrast to the sanctuary). The tabernacle focuses on the building the sanctuary is in (Numbers 10:21). Christ identified His BODY with the tabernacle, or temple (John 2:19,21). In the New Earth, after sin is taken care of, there will be no temple, for the Father (Lord God Almighty) and His Son (the Lamb) are its temple (Rev 21:22). [b]  The number 10  is used to express God’s blessing in our lives in various areas. In...

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Can’t You See? Don’t You Understand? Part 1

  Scientists readily accept the depth and complexity of the natural world and are open to explore her treasures and mysteries with a variety of instruments and approaches. But what about students of the Bible? Do not both nature and revelation have the same Master Mind as their source? “Since the book of nature and the book of revelation bear the impress of the same master mind, they cannot but speak in harmony. By different methods, and in different languages, they witness to the same great truths. {Ed 128} But we must approach both with a spirit of meekness....

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The EVANGELISTIC School of Nutritional Gardening

A Gardening School Harmonizing Revelation With Creation In this presentation the Evangelistic School Of Nutritional Gardening will be abbreviated to eSONG. mission statement: eSONG is designed to unify Biblical character-building principles with the science and art of nutrient-dense gardening—for the purpose of restoring food’s original intent to nourish, satisfy, and heal the body, and for glorifying its Creator and His truth worldwide. VISION: To reconnect gardening with the Gospel, True Education, and God’s last day worldwide healing message, helping to make His Church the head and not the tail. Defined by Five Criteria Educational Levels Three areas of focus are offered, based upon degree of understanding, interest, and personal volition: 2. Gardener: one who has successfully mastered the elementary aspects of gardening, and demonstrated ability to grow an e-SONG garden from seed to harvest during the school term. This is the “milk” level—easy to learn, apply, and teach. It can be achieved in the first year program. 3. Researcher:  An eSONG Gardener who also makes unique contributions to eSONG’s nutrient rich gardening program, fully supported by experimental, functional, and replicable data. This is the “meat” level. 4. Teacher: An eSONG Gardener who demonstrates an understanding of the school’s practical and multiple disciplinary approaches and successfully leads out in Bible and garden-based classes or evangelistic crusades or helps in establishing a new eSONG facility. This is the “strong meat” level....

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If we ever think we understand God's Word or His World it is only because we have stopped studying them.


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