Author: Bob Blum

Numbers As Counterparts

     As we look at the inspired record we notice several numbers used in specific ways, as a quantity or as a placement. An artist paints a bouquet of 16 flowers. But someone notices there are only 4 varieties. Someone else notices there are only 4 colors of flowers used. Still another observes that each of the flowers has 4 leaves on the stem and there are only 4 different heights of the stem. Eventually, some astute observer would think, What’s going on? If someone tells you he ran a race and came in second, that placement would have...

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One Of The Most Powerful Counterpart Teams

The seed is the word of God.    Luke 8:11        These seven words express one of the simplest yet most comprehensive counterparts I know of. The seed is living, organic, adaptable, full of potential yet patient, contains the basic instructions for life, vulnerable, dependent, capable of extending the life from which it came. The seed sees itself primarily as a devoted servant. The word is not just anyone’s word, but God’s, and it, too, is all that the seed is The word of God is also powerful and sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12), is creative (Revelation 1:16,...

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Counterpart Physics

     When counterparts are true, you can go from one to another like stepping stones to cross a stream.      Say you discover that Moral Law and our Skeletal System operate on the same principles, thus qualifying them as potential counterparts. But you already know that Moral Law and a God-approved Character also operate on the same principles. Then, if both sets of counterparts have the same Source, in other words are true, then we can toggle between all three system as we did between just two.      Then we learn from other studies that Truth and elemental Hydrogen...

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If we ever think we understand God's Word or His World it is only because we have stopped studying them.


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