After writing my book on conversion (What Converted Amun?), using the sanctuary as a model, I was duly impressed with the fact that the detail God put into the sanctuary was not just fluff to fill in space. It was there for a purpose. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? God is not a man. Everything He does is with purpose. He has the foresight, the mental capacity, the creative power and resources for such activity. We humans are shortsighted and greatly lacking in everything. How dare I think God is like me!

Well, anyway, God got me on the right tract finally so I could read His word with more awe than ugh. Then one day He challenged me with a thought.

If 1844 is as an important date as Adventists claim, then where is it in the sanctuary? If it were that important, wouldn’t I be able to design it in in types and symbols?

The idea sounded plausible, especially remembering a verse in the Psalms:

Psa 77:13 Thy way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a God as our God?

That was all I needed to launch into one of the most rewarding Bible studies I have had for a long time. I KNEW from other Bible studies that 1844 WAS a significant date in sanctuary talk. [Won’t get into that here. If you want to know ask me on the Contact page.] So I was wide open to every nuance of a hint. I looked at details God included and at things that didn’t have much detail, but were there (no fluff). Sloooowly things started to piece together.

To save you much aggravation and time I included the conclusions of my study in three short studies. If you click on any of the titles, it will take you there!

The Blue Loops And 1844  This little study shows how God “spotlighted” the inner vail, making it very obvious that He considers it VERY IMPORTANT to know the timing and change of ministry that happens on the other side (Most Holy Place). This detail is never mentioned in sanctuary studies, but is so obvious (once you know where to look). We also examine some more details that indicate the possibility of a disappointment at this time, and how the true-hearted would get through it.

Goats And Flax: A Marriage Made In Heaven? Here we address the two natures of Christ, His divine nature and His human nature, and how the sanctuary shows that each is unique. There is no blending!

Coming To Grips This is where we actually look at the detail used to define the year 1844. In sanctuary talk the exact date couldn’t be determined until the actual beginning or ending of the Messiah’s ministry had taken place. To get to the month and day of the year we would need to go to the actual Day of Atonement, which we don’t do in this study. That’s a piece of cake. And we also look at a little detail that specifies when prophetic time (day for a year) ends.

If you are not an Adventist, you will likely be impressed with the year 1844, but may know nothing of its import. That’s OK. When you come across a Seventh-day Adventist, ask him or her. I’m sure they will be happy to fill you in. If you can’t wait, ask me on the Contact page, or keep your eye open to a new article I am working on called THREE DOORS.