rock balancing1

There is an art called rock balancing. Above is a picture from Those ten rocks are really balanced and the slightest breeze can topple them.

It would be impossible for such a delicate balance to evolve over billions of years, or just happen by chance, for every rock is dependent on the topmost rock. Even carefully removing it will cause all the others to topple.

This illustrates our universe. That topmost rock, the one that keeps all the others in place, is none other than the Creator, the Son of God (Deuteronomy 32:4, 1Cor 10:4). If we just remove the top Rock, whatever size it may be to us, the whole creation we have assembled will topple as surely as did the stones that made up the walls of Jerusalem’s Temple in Christ’s day (Mark 13:2).

This also illustrates the close interworkings of counterparts in God’s universe. As we see them stacking up, one upon another, and all interrelated and balanced, we must marvel at the wisdom and power of God. For they all testify of a common Source, a singular Mind, the Chief Cornerstone.