Eventually these will be put into a book, but for now you can look over them freely and leave your comments or suggestions for new gardening ideas (which I call “coins”). I will be adding more pages, so check back often!

Introduction  –The Format

Coin 1  Phosphorus/Praise  –The First Coin

Coin 2  Carbon/Service  –From Riches To Rags

Coin 3  Hydrogen/Truth — The Cornerstone

Coin 4  Oxygen/Grace  –The Transformation

Coin 5  Magnesium/Discipleship  –The Counterpart

Coin 6  Calcium/Generosity  –Something To Think About

Coin 7  Nitrogen/Communion  –The Bridge

Coin 8  Soil/Heart  –Mulching

Coin 9  Soil/Heart  –Before You Mulch

Coin 10  Carbon/Service  –Service Empowered By Grace

Coin 11  Trace Elements/Little Attentions  –Exact Change

Coin 12  Light/Spirit  –This Little Light Of Mine

Coin 13  Nutrient Dense Produce/Character  –Gifts Needed

Coin 14  Nutrient Dense Produce/Character  –Lasting Quality

Coin 15  Weeds/Distractions  –The Blessed Curse

Coin 16  Weeds/Distractions  –Love Glasses

Coin 17  Weeds/Distractions  –Weeds As Soil Builders

Coin 18  Weeds/Distractions  –Weeds As Healers

Coin 19  Miscellaneous/Insects  –Bad Bugs

Coin 20  Calcium/Generosity  –Generosity Pays

Coin 28 Nutrient Dense Produce/Character  –Lasting Quality

Coin 31  Weeds/Distractions –Two Stand of Corn

Coin 68 Miscellaneous/God Loves Gardens –Are You Serious?