Carbon: Service

Service Empowered By Grace

TAILS: Carbon forms more compounds than any other element. There are almost ten million pure organic carbon compounds described to date, which in turn are a tiny fraction of what is actually possible. It appears almost as limitless as the different ways service integrates in God’s kingdom.

The Creator gave carbon four connecting points, or “appendages” we might say. We can think of them as 2 arms-hands and 2 legs-feet. These four “appendages” help carbon to “connect” with others.

X Y     When carbon “stands” on oxygen using its two “legs”, the oxygen strengthens 
      carbon’s two “hands” to  hold onto many kinds of elements it wouldn’t be able to
C      grasp otherwise. This is the way many carbon compounds are made. To the left is
||       how the chemical formula might be represented—with C for carbon, O for oxygen,
0       and the X and Y for other elements or compounds. Can you see Carbon  standing on Oxygen with its two arms raised and hands holding X and Y?

HEADS: Now let’s look at two verses, thinking of carbon as service and oxygen as grace.

Heb 4:16 ESV  Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

1Tim 2:8 (paraphrased)  It’s my desire that everyone will give themselves to prayer, lifting up holy hands, instead of getting angry or into arguments.

God’s grace is not “earned”. It is freely given to anyone who feels their need and asks for it. When this gift of Grace is accepted and depended on, it strengthens our hands for service. Whatever they find to do they can do with MIGHT! (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

Grace and service go very well together. They are a powerful team in the garden and in our daily life.

We’ll take a turn now to the importance of the lesser elements in Coin 11.