Nutrient Dense Produce: Character

Gifts Needed

HEADS: Gift-giving has taken many forms. Some give gifts hoping to gain favor, others to impress. Still others give out of peer pressure, like being invited to a birthday party or wedding. But the most precious gifts are those given out of love. Such can become mementos, to bring warmth and fondness into age-old memories, as a child’s “I wuv you, mumy” scribbled on a handkerchief. Then there are those loving, thoughtful gifts given as useful “tools” to lift life’s burdens, or make it more productive or beautiful. God’s gifts fall into this last category.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Some gifts are forced on us and can become a burden, like a vehicle requiring more time and repair than it is worth. But that which God freely offers is not forced. We have the choice to accept or reject. Sometimes we refuse the gracious offer because the gift comes packaged in a way we don’t appreciate. Other times we think we have learned of a better way. Adam and Eve rejected the gift of eternal happiness for the glittering prospect of becoming their own gods, depending only on themselves—a choice we all are faced with daily.

TAILS: God has given gardeners and farmers and commercial growers many gifts to help them produce higher quality plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, more healthful produce in less time, with less worry about infestations or climate extremes, and foods that can bring healing to both body and soul. Yet often we content ourselves with traditional methods, or let others convince us that it isn’t worth the effort or ridicule.

Ridicule? Yes. Just go tell your gardening friends that you heard you could increase the growth of trees 300% by planting them with rocks arranged a certain way, and see how many call you crazy if you do that. Then share with them that you are going to use sea water on your plants to improve flavor. They may say something like, “Any idiot knows that saltwater kills plants.” And before they all leave tell them you are going to serenade your plants with some birdsongs to increase your harvest.

One thing you will know for sure, who your real friends are! But that’s the way it is with some gifts. God doesn’t play games. The gifts He offers are serious.

COIN 14 gets more specific about one of the gifts.