Weeds: Distractions

The Blessed Curse

Cursed is the ground for your sake…Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth… Genesis 3:17-18

HEADS: That little phrase “for your sake” is usually assigned to the philosophical idea that weeds make us want heaven all the more, or that they remind us of what sin can do to the life. Have you ever thought that weeds could be given “for our sakes” as helpers in the garden?

TAILS: Charles Walters, author of Weeds, Control Without Poisons, explains that weeds require a specific environment to thrive, and because of that can tell us a lot about the soil they occupy. For example, one farmer said that bull thistles literally owned his farm, but when he learned that it thrives on soils deficient in manganese (Mn), he added Mn at the rate of 20 – 40 pounds to the acre, and the bull thistle “almost completely disappeared”!

Ragweed is a dry weather plant. When soil moisture is low the bacterial systems do not fair very well and their potassium conversion is greatly hindered. Ragweed tells the gardener that he has a poor quality or wrong form of potassium because the soil is too dry. Increasing soil moisture by composting or mulching will keep those bacteria happy and busy converting potassium into a useful form. And ragwDandylion photoeed will look for another “more appropriate” soil to make its home in.

Dandelions love calcium deficient soils. If you want to get rid of them mix in a high calcium lime 6”- 7” deep. How much depends on your soil analysis.

HEADS: Even when God curses, He blesses. You just have to love a God like that. Next we will look at some weeds you will WANT to see in your garden!

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