Weeds: Distractions

Love Glasses

TAILS: Three weeds suggest a highly productive, good quality soil. And they are not hard to manage with a little tilling.

When you have lambsquarter popping up in your garden, REJOICE! It tells you, “Soil conditions are good and fertility is excellent.” It assures you that the crop will thrive and insects will stay away. And besides that, it makes an excellent salad ingredient—one of the highest calcium sources—far better than MILK!

Pigweed also gives the same message. It’s also called amaranth, an excellent cereal high in the amino acid lysine (which many other grains are low in).

And when you have cocklebur in your garden you can know your phosphate level is good. Though its seed can kill livestock, its seed oil is good for humans, similar to sunflower oil. The plant also repels army worms and other pests.

HEADS: Sometimes life’s distractions can irritate us, unless we look for the blessing in them. Remember, God’s “curses” are allowed “for our sakes”. “Love Glasses” can transform our life… and garden.

One day when our daughter Bonnie was making a quick trip to a distant city she brought her dog along. After some time she figured her pet needed a “poddy break”, so, though eager to get to her destination, she pulled over to the side of the highway. This unwanted distraction proved a blessing. Right there, next to the road, was a digital camera, filled with photos of kids at a drug party. She turned the storage chip into the authorities and gave me the camera for Christmas. What a gift! Some of the pictures you see in this devotional were taken with that camera.

If you don’t’ own a pair of those special glasses yet, ask God for one. But I suspect He won’t give them to you unless you really want them. He’s very careful about giving out His gifts.

Coin 17.