The Cornerstone

TAILS: Hydrogen is the first and the simplest of all known elements. It is composed only of one proton in the nucleus and one electrom in the outer shell. It is the only element that has no neutron. If any atom could represent our Saviour, the Creator of heaven and earth, the “First and the Last”, it would certainly be hydrogen. Hydrogen is everywhere in the universe. It is one of the four essential elements in all life forms. It is part of the fuel for stars and many energy sources of plants. But, in all fairness, how could a single element adequately portray the Loving, Omnipotent, and All-wise Creator?

Actually, all the different kinds of elements reveal some quality, nature, or capacity of their Maker, and the Bible tells us that God is love (1John 4:8), so we are encouraged to look for characteristics in hydrogen that mirror or illustrate – better than any other element – some unique part of God’s love.

John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life.

HEADS: No element better illustrates truth than hydrogen. In God’s pure creation, nothing comes before it. Truth can be very simple or astonishingly complex. But truth has no “grey” areas, no “neutral ground.” It should be the beginning of any loving activity or creation, as all other elements build on it.

One thing you will not need to worry about this year for your garden is providing enough hydrogen. God has given ample supply— in the air, soil, plants, compost, water, and in His Word. It is everywhere!

Just enjoy it and see what awesome things can happen when Truth, the very nature of our Creator, is the cornerstone of everything you do.

Today is a very good time to commit yourself to this most important Garden Coin. Purpose in your heart to do nothing that truth could not initiate… and finish. You can be assured that such a determination will be fueled and blessed by the Originator of truth, the Master Gardener.

When Truth rules in your life, you can know you are on the right path. And that is the beginning of a whole new creation!

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