Energy for the plants comes in many forms: matter and all frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, including heat –but the least understood of these is matter, i.e. minerals.

When all other energy forms are in balance and you control the minerals, you automatically control food quality. It can be compared to a football game where the highly trained players are the minerals.

The floodlights are on. The bleachers are packed with excited fans. The cheerleaders and bands are in full array. The field is fully prepared and freshly marked, and the football is resting quietly on the field, ready to be put into action. All the energy forms are present… but one. The players.

You have one of two options to assure defeat:

A. A well-trained three-man team. This will not have a fair advantage against a fully equipped and trained opponent, no matter how well those three are trained. The same goes for those who depend on an NPK mix alone to manage their gardens or fields.

B..A full, but untrained team. You can be certain of one thing, though. The opponent (a team of well-trained and hungry invaders from the air and ground) is no match to novices.

It’s how well all the players are managed that makes the difference. As the manager you make sure all the minerals—micro and macro–are present, as well as the microbial life to help them along.

HEADS: Intentions can be good. Goals can be high. Beliefs can be strong. Prayer, the study of God’s Word, memorizing promises are all powerful energy sources in the game of life. But what happens to the game when we don’t know how to interact with people, when we haven’t mastered self-control, when we know little about compassion, team work, or how to listen when another shares with us, or we can’t keep things confidential? What good will all those power factors do to influence and help those around us, including loved ones, when our own character garden is not taken seriously?

TAILS: You might be an impeccable weeder. Your plants may be lovingly smothered in mulch. But if your calcium/phosphorus balances are out of whack, if pH is wrong for the plants, if trace minerals are missing, if nitrogen is in short supply, you will find little fruitfulness for all your loving efforts. Or the produce that does struggle through these oversights will not have the flavor and nutrition necessary to bring delight at the family table. A successful garden is not an accident or a stroke of luck.

HEADS: God has provided plenty of helpers, but we must own up to our part–to make good choices.