Nitrogen: Communion

The Bridge

TAILS: You have a bridge in your garden—a very important bridge, not just a decorative one. Some call it NITROGEN. God calls it … well, read on.

In every molecule of chlorophyll there is a single atom of magnesium, sitting, as it were, on its “throne”. Around this throne are four nitrogen atoms connecting magnesium to all the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms that complete the living molecule. Nitrogen is not a passive element.

Hemoglobin is very similar to chlorophyll, except that it has a single atom of iron on the “throne”. Again, four atoms of nitrogen surround it, joining it to the rest of the molecule. Vitamin B12 also uses the same format, but an atom of cobalt reigns… with four nitrogen atoms actively serving it.

We get a picture of this specific bridge in the 4th chapter of Revelation. Here John pictures God on His throne and surrounded by, guess what, four creatures. They are doing the same thing nitrogen does in the molecules above. They act as a communication bridge between the One on the throne and the rest of the kingdom. At one point they lead out in collective adoration of God (4:9-11). At other times they communicate God’s plan to John (chapter 6).

Chlorophyll, hemoglobin, and vitamin B12 are very important to life. And nitrogen is right in the middle of it all, actively connecting the core atom to all the rest of the molecule. If nitrogen had any discord or disagreement with the “king” or any other part of the “kingdom”, a smooth, seamless operation would not be possible.

HEADS: Gardening time—communion time—is not a time for hostility. Contention weakens the bridge between the King and those He wants to bless through you. Yes, YOU are the bridge. God wants to communicate His love through you!

Don’t be fooled by the size of this Coin. Though it may be small and seem insignificant, it can increase the value of other Garden Coins you may have in your pocket.

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