Soil: Heart


TAILS: Mulch is the protective covering usually of organic material laid over the soil around plants. Though many gardeners do not use mulch, it does make the gardening experience a lot more enjoyable. Mulch has many wonderful advantages. It…

conserves moisture
smothers weed growth
moderates soil temperature
prevents soil erosion
adds organic nutrients for the soil organisms to feed on (optional)

HEADS: In God’s garden, plants can represent different expressions of the character, the soul redeemed and enriched and prepared for harvesting.

The soil is like the medium for character to grow in—all the experiences of life, the practices and habits that feed the character at the heart (root) level.

The leaves that respond to the daily light, surrounded by fresh currents of air, can speak to the mind with its several avenues of input.

The fruit is like the natural working out of what’s in the heart—as good or bad fruit..

The sunlight can represent the knowledge of God.

The atmosphere that is so free and abundant is like God’s grace.

The dew and rain and streams of living water are the life-giving merits of Christ, His very Spirit, without which we could not live.

But the garden is much more than this. There are elements of all kinds, microorganisms, and many other things to help the character plant grow.

But what is God’s mulch? What is it that we have the option to do that will help with the cultivation of our soil, yet that may at times be unneeded? Simply put, it is modesty.

Modesty covers our nakedness. In God’s garden it may take the form of reserve, decency, meekness, quietness, simplicity, or a host of other things. In whatever form, it does save a lot of effort keeping the garden in shape.

But there are places where God says to leave the ground uncovered. We will talk about one of those tomorrow.

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