Soil: Heart

Before You Mulch

Weeding and hydration come before mulching. Think about it.

TAILS: When our soul’s garden is covered with the appropriate mulch, it keeps some things out and other things in. You certainly don’t want healthy weeds under the covers. If you expect your mulch to “smother” them to death, it may also “smother” your plants’ delicate roots nearby.

HEADS: Bad habits don’t go away just because you have an air of “decency” in public. If you just “hold it all in” and don’t give expression to any of your feelings, like some do, then pressure will build up underneath, out of sight, and will someday burst forth like a volcano. There are some evils that prefer darkness. Mulching only allows them opportunity to grow out of sight. Such need to be pulled first. We’ll discuss some helpful pointers under “The Unclean/Weeds”.

Also, at the beginning of the day, when you first get up, it is a good practice to drink heartily from the Living Streams. Before other routines begin, spend some thoughtful time on Christ’s merits, His life and death, His plans for you, the helps He offers you, etc. Do this before you apply the “mulch” for meeting the public. If your soul’s soil is bone dry before “mulching”, that covering will make it harder to get those refreshing drafts later in the day.

TAILS: We must not underestimate the need for water. We are not just watering our plants’ roots. We are hydrating the soil around the microorganisms that actually feed the plants all day long. They need the water too but are incapable of getting it themselves. So our devotional time helps more than just ourselves.

And keep in mind a two minute “spray” in the garden does not go very deep. It may take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, or longer, of constant gentle watering to get down to an ideal 6-8” soak.

HEADS: Similarly with watering your soul. A two-minute devotional won’t last very long. Give yourself time at the Living Streams. Many are depending on it!

We will take another look at carbon in Coin 10.