Getting gardening back into our schools is becoming harder and harder, and it’s not because the teachers aren’t willing! The trend in the industralized world is toward making everything faster and more convenient through computerized technology, and our schools are taken up in the rush. Yet we have to live off the food such technology produces, which is focused on profits rather than health. Instead of protesting against all these negative changes we are wanting to put our energies into a POSITIVE action.

What about establishing a school that is primarily a School of Nutritional Gardening, but also teaches the other disciplines (to help understand, enhance, facilitate, expand, and promulgate gardening), a school that doesn’t deride others but shows what can be done by positive action based on character building principles? Truth will win! O taste and see…!

E-SONG is our goal. Click here to see the direction we are wanting to go. Please leave us your feedback, pro or con. It’s easier to turn now than later.