cs solid logo 43 wideNot all giants are counterparts. But there is a set in the Bible that are. Remember, one of the earmarks of counterparts is their dissimilarity, and that certainly is the case here. This study is not for the superficial student. It requires an openness of mind and willingness to dig deep. In saying this, it is not to suggest that it is only for scholars, for it isn’t. Often I’ve found when a counterpart is discovered, there are simple parallels at the beginning that can easily be seen. But as the study continues the mind is challenged further, and has to familiarize itself with new material to understand, new concepts to grasp. This is actually part of true education. Counterparts don’t just tickle the mind with cute parallels, or entertain it with fanciful comparisons. They challenge it, inspire it, and clean it from useless information and ideas of the past. This is all part of our training this side of eternity, but it will continue in a new and exciting way on the other side, once sin is finally behind us. Breaking The Giant Code is a book I wrote comparing 5 historical events involving 5 giants threatening David’s kingdom. Descriptions are given about each confrontation, involving a great variety of things to define each giant and his contestant in the fray. You will quickly discover that each of David’s warriors involved have similar characteristics as the giant he battles. These aren’t counterparts, however, for counterparts must help fulfill the other, not destroy it. The counterparts to these giants are found in Daniel’s book, where it describes a very disturbing dream Nebuchadnezzar had involving a fearful giant image. This proved to actually be a divine revelation about future kingdoms till the close of time. Breaking The Giant Code unveils defining characteristics about how those future kingdoms will challenge the church of God… and God’s answer for each test. On this website we will look at each of the five giants and the five kingdoms (in order). To continue the next giant will be highlighted at the end of each of each study. Just click on it, or you can go directly to it from this page, as you will see below. There are a lot of details here, and the student (including myself) is challenged to assemble the information properly, as we do jigsaw puzzles, fitting each piece to its mate. Sometimes we may put two pieces together because the match seems to be so close, only to find later that another piece actually fits easier and makes the picture clearer. If you discover a better match to some pieces I have joined I would heartily encourage you to inform me of your find. I certainly do not consider myself a final authority! The closer we get to truth, the closer we will get to God and each other! That’s my goal, and I hope yours, too.