Imagine this.

In the beginning Johnny’s world was dark and lonely and miserable. He had no worthwhile purpose or direction in his life and all he could do was think about himself. Johnny was, as others have been, without form and void.

Then unexpectedly, he noticed something. Johnny wasn’t sure if he first felt her or heard her or saw her, but there she was, not far away, a pulsing gentle light. As their eyes met for the first time Faith gives him one of her captivating winks. Now Johnny has a direction! But he is not used to moving. Clumsily he edges toward her to get a better look but just when within touching distance she playfully scooted off to another place… and winked again. Johnny enjoyed this little game and after a while found himself not only becoming more agile but also his heart began beating in sync with her rhythmic pulsing.

Soon after this Grace shows up, but not on the line between Johnny and Faith. Oh no, for Grace would never interfere with Faith’s purpose to strengthen her new friend. Grace had a different mission—to expand Johnny’s horizons and brighten his life. Now, instead of being able to go back and forth on a single path to Faith, Johnny has a new line to traverse as well, the one between him and Grace. But what’s this? There is something new, something he never saw or experienced before. There is an area that connects all three. Now Johnny doesn’t have to be confined to moving just in straight lines all the time. He must acquaint himself with curves and squiggles, and… well whatever he can think of to express himself with this new freedom. This is astounding! It seems his brain is challenged to the max. Life is good.

What a change! He has made two new friends, each unique from the other. Life goes on happily for a short while as all three move about freely in Johnny’s two-dimensional world.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a new element appears. I say “nowhere” because it does not come from any place in Johnny’s world. In fact, what it does is transforms Grace by dividing her into an upper and lower part, a heavenly and earthly, bringing a third dimension into Johnny’s world—a heaven that brightens everything! This new element is called Righteous Works.

Now Johnny, Faith, Grace and Righteous Works have a whole new realm, a three-dimensional one, to move about in, and new challenges to face—like how to move in spaces above and below them (new concepts to 2-dimensional minds), how to relate to objects in their path, and what to do with shadows.

Objects? Johnny looks at one, then at himself, then at the shadows both cast as Faith, now a bright beam, shines on them. “Oh my!” he blurts out. “I have a form!” This was almost too much for him. Johnny looks up at Faith and asks, “What can I do? Where should I go?” Faith winks at Grace, who smiles at Righteous Works, and they answer in unison, “Follow us! There is someone who really needs your help.”

And off they go, bouncing through the universe, leaving little sprouts of joy.*

* You may not realize it, but you just had a lesson in geometry, the first two days of Creation, the scope of Redemption, plus a little physics, embryology, gardening, and a hint of music. That’s counterparts for you!