My Webmaster, My Daughter

Kama circleI know this is not normal for a web layout– to include a tab for my webmaster, but what about my website is “normal”?

Why would I do this? Just because she is my daughter? Well, to be honest, no. Much more than that. This website is designed to help you, the reader– to help you view God as a loving God, as One who is EXTREMELY interested in you, who has plans for you throughout ETERNITY, and One who is interested in your DAILY affairs (even how many hairs you start and end your day with ~Matthew 10:30)!

“So what does that have to do with your daughter?”

This: In this day and age presentation makes a big difference. First impressions are not just a modern invention. They have been with us since…, since…, well, since Genesis 1. And if you don’t know what I mean, read the studies on Creation Week and see what kind of God is pictured there. That picture remains throughout the whole Bible. Kama, my daughter, has been blessed with talents that may help those of you who have a mediocre website (a website you are trying to use to make a living, or share God’s goodness, or promote a humanitarian outreach) to have one that stands out, and leaves a lasting impression. Day 4 of Creation Week speaks about this. And if it is important in our witness for God, it is also important in running a business, or operating a home, or teaching a class.

But Kama has been and still is also a missionary. When she was single she made a trip to Africa with a girlfriend (and likely saved her friend’s life while there). And after starting her family she made three other missionary ventures. Even now, being a mother of 5 she follows her interest in missions by devoting a portion of her earnings to support God’s work somewhere in the world, or in her own community.

Whoever she works with she brings her experience and testimony with her (though both are not put in people’s faces). People soon learn they have a friend in her, not just a webmaster. And her gifts go beyond regular webmaster duties. You will see what I mean when you check out her portfolio. The people she has worked with, at every level, speak to her as Kama, not Mrs. Wilson. She is their friend and helper.

I point you to my webmaster, my daughter, because she is an example of the purpose of my website: to show that GOD’S PRINCIPLES ARE DESIGNED TO HELP US IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE–ON THIS EARTH AND THE NEXT. That’s what His gifts are for.

Take a moment to view her professional work at

Oh, if you mention “counterpart” in your communications with her she told me she will give you a special discount! It’s a family thing, you know. 🙂