When counterparts are true, you can go from one to another like stepping stones to cross a stream.
     Say you discover that Moral Law and our Skeletal System operate on the same principles, thus qualifying them as potential counterparts. But you already know that Moral Law and a God-approved Character also operate on the same principles. Then, if both sets of counterparts have the same Source, in other words are true, then we can toggle between all three system as we did between just two.
     Then we learn from other studies that Truth and elemental Hydrogen are counterparts. So should we be able to insert that counterpart into our other studies? Absolutely! Truth can assume many shapes without losing its unique characteristics, just like water can fill any shape container and still be water. Water can also change from solid to liquid to gas, or vice versa, and still be water. When an absolute truth is found and verified it will always remain truth and have the unique characteristics of that truth.
     This is what makes counterpart studies so powerful, and greatly increases our appreciation of the divine Mind that put everything together. He didn’t forget something.
     But there is another reason counterparts are so important to use in our studies. They can expose falsehood in a mighty way. If you are a bible student you may recall David’s illicit involvement with Bathsheba. To cover up his adultery and murderous plot to remove her husband David resorted to the Dark Side, but found no peace. There was one other person that was aware of David’s acts, however, and God instructed him to confront the king. This man was called Nathan. He was God’s prophet. So how could he let the king know his sins weren’t hidden from God and still save his neck?
     By using a counterpart story. You can read it in 2 Samuel 12. It worked! David was caught offguard and his  heart was reached, pierced, and his spirit made right with God again. Psalm 51 is his personal testimony. Yes, counterparts are powerful in more ways than one!
     So from God’s Moral Law you go to bones. Then you read how David’s bones were affected by his bad behavior (Psalm 32:3) and how God restored him. This takes you to a study on Truth and how it affects the life, and then you learn that hydrogen equates with truth. Can you study how David was restored to favor with God and learn how hydrogen can bond with other elements? Yes! All this integrates together! Not in a mixed up alphabet soup, but as a beautifully designed tapestry that displays an awesome picture of God’s sovereignty and wisdom.
     Hope you get a little picture of what I am trying to say!