Gardening is taking a worthless soil, and making it valuable.

Not of itself, by itself, like miners fight over.

But in itself, for others to thrive in, like plants and worms and microbes.

Gardening is giving purpose to the despised and direction to the aimless.

By finding their strengths and learning their preferences,

And then matching them to higher orders of life.

Gardening is taking the solitary seed, all wrapped up in itself, doing no one any good,

And, oh so gently, encouraging it into service,

The kind of service that upgrades a world.


Gardening is taking a vulnerable, inexperienced, tender shoot

And nurturing it to beauty, strength, and maturity,

Making parents proud and neighbors envious.


Gardening is Godlikeness, when used as it was designed for.

Used any other way is………. sin.